An update on FATMSW member Jay Davis’ condition:

Jay’s friend Julia Apfelbaum has kindly updated us on how Jay is doing. Julia reports: “Jay is working hard at the rehabilitation center! He has at least 90 days at that facility. My understanding is that he is refusing to use the motorized wheel chair and will only use the manual, self propelled chair. He’s up and using it for 5 hours or so per day now, and has therapy Monday – Friday! He cannot wait to get back in an airplane and we are researching all aspects of adaptive aircraft and associations for him. The medical bills are accumulating, and that’s what most of the GoFundMe will support currently. He will need to have areas of his house remodeled and an adaptive vehicle to get back to work etc.”

Jay is in the thoughts of the entire Flights Above community, and we’re all rooting for him to find a way back into the left seat. If you would like to contribute to his Go Fund Me Campaign please click here.