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The Flights Above organization was created in 2012 with the flagship group, Flights Above The Pacific Northwest (FATPNW). Flights Above is a “social aviation” community designed to offer an outlet for aviators and flying enthusiasts to share their experiences and in turn, become an integral part of the GA community in their region. Originally created as Facebook groups by Brice Van Baren, its total membership now tops 24,000+ members nationwide. Brice founded Flights Above because he felt a lack of connection between pilots in his area, and wanted to reach out to those who shared his same passion. “I found myself attending aviation related seminars and events, but never quite found the means to build lasting friendships during these short activities” Brice reflected. Over time, membership began to include more than just pilots. Flight schools, FBO’s, controllers, mechanics, and aviation professionals started to join this dynamic phenomenon, and eventually, Flights Above grew to be more than simply Facebook groups where fliers posted pictures and shared stories. The groups organize seasonal Fly-Ins at local airports, hold events and seminars, movie nights, and even tours of local towers and TRACONs. Today, the Flights Above groups are considered one of the most active GA communities in the nation. Brice promotes the idea that everyone is welcome in this non competitive environment. “The purpose is really to offer a sense of community for those who have a passion for aviation. I love to hear that Flights Above members are taking initiative to meet even when nothing is officially scheduled by the group. That means the mission of Flights Above is a success.” Join your Flights Above group and become a part of something special.

Brice Van Baren, Founder

Additionally, Flights Above is supported by a large group of volunteers who help in an innumerable array of ways, everything from hosting fly-ins, donating their time and gear, creating movies, and perhaps, most importantly, the admininstrators who volunteer their time to help monitor and oversee the posts on all nine regional groups (Meet the Admins here). Flights Above wouldn’t be as EPiiiC as it is today without our volunteers – thank you to them!

Flights Above Mission Statement

Flights Above seeks to build a robust aviation community through something it calls “Social Aviation”. It focuses on connecting aviation enthusiasts online, but also in person at social events and gatherings across North America. The goal is for members to develop genuine relationships based on their shared passion of flight. Through Social Aviation, Flights Above will always strive to be a dynamic and uplifting network of pilots, mechanics, controllers, aircraft spotters, and whomever shares the same passion of flight — no matter their age, gender, or social background.