One of the reason’s the Flights Above community is such an awesome one to be a part of is our adherence to the Flights Above Do’s & Don’ts, which aim to keep conversations on the Facebook groups topical and constructive. So grab a nice warm cup of tea, sit back, relax and enjoy this friendly reminder!

Flights Above Do’s:
– Post about that cross-country flight you made that departed from, or arrived in, your Flights Above region!
– Ask maintenance related questions, needed parts, technical assistance, etc…
– Selling aviation related stuff? Looking for a flight school? A rental? A safety pilot? Post it all on Flights Above.
– Ask about FBOs, VFR/IFR routes, airspace, rules & regulations, etc… And share PIREPs!
– Need a ride to, or back from, an airport? Ask here, you might get a ride ????
– Let everyone know where you are flying that day, you may just create an impromptu fly-in!
– Help grow the Flights Above Experience by joining and sharing content related to those regions, and using the FATPNW mobile app.

Flights Above Don’ts:
– Post about that gear up landing that happened in another Flights Above region last week… just post it in the proper group.
– If you’re a business, please don’t advertise without a clearance ????
– Tell someone you think they’re doing it wrong – message them privately!
– Post something that may be perceived as breaking the FARs.
– Absolutely no speculations regarding accidents… wait for the NTSB report.
– No politics (period).

If you’re not sure about a post, feel free to message Brice or any of our Admins. You can also ask yourself: “Is my post benefiting this Flights Above community?”. If you answered yes to that question, your post will most likely be “cleared for takeoff”! POST ON!! ????????