One of our own, Jay Davis, was involved in a horrible airplane accident this past Friday. While on the 2nd flight of his newly purchased aircraft, which he posted on FATMSW, the aircraft lost directional control on roll out on landing, departed the runway, and flipped nose first upside down. The NSTB has yet to conduct a full investigation of the accident.

Jay has several fractures to his spine and severe damage to his spinal cord. Doctors say he may never have use of his legs again…

Friends who have visited him have said that he appears to be in good spirits and is fully intact mentally. He made clear his determination to get back behind the controls of an aircraft and to ride his bike again.

Jay has a long road ahead and will need all the help and support he can get. A Go Fund Me campaign has been setup to help cover the medical costs. Flights Above will donate and hope the pilot community will do the same to support Jay and his family – even small donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you!