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Premium Benefits:

  • Benefits are for 12 month US subscriptions:
  • FlyQ EFB: VFR $49 (normally $69); VFR + IFR $99 (normally $139)
  • Dynon/AFS ChartData (VFR + IFR): $79 (normally $99)
  • Aspen US ChartData: $249 (normally $299)
  • GRT ChartData: VFR $79 (normally $99); VFR + IFR: $159 (normally $199) Visit https://seattleavionics.com/FATPNW/ to order. NOTE: proof of FATPNW Premium membership will be required.

Flying is what we love to do. Making it safer, easier and more fun is the mission we’ve been on since 2002.

As pilots, we all recognize the many benefits that modern technology can provide. But we’ve also seen that technology is sometimes difficult to learn and hard to use; in other words, sometimes more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s where Seattle Avionics comes in. We’re a group of pilots and programmers who’ve taken a careful look all the flight software out there and decided that there must be a better way.

We began in 2002 making the award-winning Voyager Flight Software System for Windows that helped pilots create flight plans faster and easier than every before. We later expanded into selling our brand of US and European aviation data, ChartData ™, to more than 20 major aviation companies worldwide like Bendix-King, Aspen, Dynon, and more. With the coming of the Apple iPad, we saw the writing on the wall and invested heavily in getting our ChartData into virtually every major app and portable device. We later partnered with AOPA to create the #1 rated major aviation app for the iPad – FlyQ EFB.

Bottom line: If you fly, you probably already use some of our data or one of our apps.
We’re based in the Seattle area so maybe a little biased, but we think that if you fly in the Pacific Northwest you deserve the best. That’s why we teamed up with FATPNW (Flights Above The Pacific Northwest) to offer exclusive offers to FATPNW Premium members. Just email us a copy of your FATPNW Premium card and tell us which offer you’d like. The links below describe each product and show the normal, not FATPNW Premium member, price. And be sure to check out the very active FATPNW group on Facebook.