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Safety in Motion

Premium Benefits:

  • 15% off retail rate for our Redbird FMX AATD
  • 10% off CFI rate for Flight Reviews and/or IPCs. (Limited to a maximum of 2-hrs each per year)
  • 10% off tuition for formal ground schools.

Safety in Motion (SIM) Flight Center’s unique approach includes a combination of traditional classroom/aircraft training with a Full Motion Flight Simulator to prepare future pilots with the advanced skills necessary to fly in the most demanding situations and environments.

Using the Redbird FMX – a brand new, cutting edge, full motion flight simulator, pilots can practice flying in practically any location in the world and in all weather conditions and situations difficult to reproduce in an actual aircraft.

Our mission is to specialize in helping pilots learn the avionics and complex systems in their current aircraft or experience what it may be like to fly in their future aircraft.

As we continue to grow as a business, we plan to work with the flying community to offer services and training that is beneficial to our valued customers. It is important that we keep our high standards of training and fill the need of our customers and future aviators.