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Pacific Coast Avionics

Premium Benefits:

  • 15% off all PCA name brand products
  • 10% off biennial VFR Transponder Certification, and IFR Pitot/Static Certification

Welcome to Pacific Coast Avionics. We believe that if you try to do everything, you won’t excel at anything. That’s why we specialize in avionics and since 1991 we’ve done it better than anyone. We can help you with any of your avionics, GPS, instrument, headset, avionics installation supplies, or pilot supply needs. From experimental/LSA aircraft to corporate jets, we have one of the leading installation facilities on the west coast specializing in Garmin, S-TEC, Aspen Avionics, Dynon, Icom, and more.

With a comprehensive inventory developed to meet almost any avionics, instrument, or pilot supply need, you’re sure to find what you want at a price you can afford.