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740 Airport Circle Dr
Friday Harbor Wa 98250

Golden Era Aviation

Premium Benefits:

  • 20% discount on hotel rooms in the hangar 

  For those who love the beauty of flight, the freedom,the challenges, the professional skill to fly, this place is for you! When you gaze upon a Spad, Spitfire, Connie, Phantom, Cessna 310 or a U2 do you wish that you could have flown that magnificent machine? We all have our favorites. In this Hotel we only speak airplane.

  Our desire is to honor those aviators who came before us and who flew dynamic airplanes during a time of conflict. The theme is one of honor and dreams. Yes we display mostly military aircraft pictures of yesteryear and have an understanding of the sacrifices of those aviators. Every pilot is welcome regardless of your background as we all love airplanes and understand your affinity for flight.

  During your stay in this hotel you are required to spend time with one of the “old guys” in ground training. This is no cost to you. You may be asked difficult questions so you should at least know the basics. We want to know that the time you spend with us is very enjoyable but that you also take something with you that may make you a better pilot.

  The rooms are based on WWI and WWII specific pilot histories. For WWI we have Lt. Frank Luke Jr. His room is set up with turn of the Century furniture, pictures of his short history and copies of original orders, articles and pictures. Lt Luke was the second highest ace of WWI by scoring 18 kills in just 17 days before being shot down. He has an incredible story. One which you need to hear. The second room is for Capt Douglas Campbell who shot down the first airplane when the American Air Service first entered the War. He was also the first Ace.

The third room is for Gen. Claire Chennault of the Flying Tigers.  

The last room is for Lt. Saburo Sakai a top Japanese Ace.

  The Hotel also has a 300” movie theater screen for those aviation movies and programs. The sound system is just right! Along with the movie theater the Black Cat Lounge is available for your use. The amount of model airplanes, aviation art, and memorabilia are really something to see.

  The hotel offers transportation around the Island on a prearranged schedule. We also will have a small complimentary continental breakfast from 7am until 9am.