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8850 State Highway 3 SW
Bremerton,WA 98312

Pacific Northwest Aeronautics

Premium Benefits:

  • 10% off first two lessons

Here at Pacific Northwest, we take a different approach to flight training, with the student being the center of attention.  We strive to provide the highest quality, unparalleled customer care, and devotion to every customer. Rather than using a unified across the board syllabus, we here at Pacific Northwest Aeronautics pride ourselves on using tailored, custom designed programs.  This ensures that every student becomes the best aviator they can become. Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in aviation, are a first-time flyer, or an experienced pilot, we will attend to all your needs, both inside and outside the cockpit, with a genuine interest in your success.

Located at the Bremerton National Airport, we serve the greater Seattle area and beyond, offering students a breath of fresh air from the typical robot-like training approach.