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Adventure Flight

Premium Benefits:

  • 10% off on rides in 1940 N3N biplane, 1942 Cessna T-50 Bamboo Bomber, and 1943 SNJ-4. NOTE: can’t be combined with any other discounts
Travel back in time…and experience living history for yourself.
At Adventure Flight, we offer a wide range of flight training and aviation experiences. All of our airplanes are WWII era trainers. These are the airplanes your dad, grandpa, uncle…or even your grandma might have flown. Now you can too!
All aircraft have dual controls and Andy is a flight instructor with 30 years of experience, so fly as much as you like or sit back and enjoy the ride.
We also offer upset recovery /spin training, high performance and complex endorsements, tailwheel training, aerobatic training, and aircraft checkouts and solo rental in all of our aircraft.
Gift certificates are available. We specialize in helping create an unforgettable birthday, proposal, or anniversary. We also make bad days better. There is no smile in the world like you see on someone who just did 30 minutes of aerobatics.
The sky is the limit!