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Flights Above The Pacific Northwest (FATPNW), the flagship Flights Above group, now has an EPiiiC mobile app for iOS.  Flights Above is making it easier than ever before to connect with the aviation community through real time updates on the FATPNW app.  Focusing on the social aviation, the FATPNW mobile app offers the following features:

– Geo-cached photos: snap and share in-flight pictures — these will show up on the chart exactly where you shot them, and will automatically delete after 3h.

– Say Intentions: tell other users where you’re flying next (up to 72 hours ahead of time) — you never know, you may create an impromptu fly-in!

– FATPNW Ident: let everyone know when & where you’ve landed — your location will be shared for 3 hours with other app users.

– FATPNW Premium: FATPNW Premium Members will be able to easily locate nearby benefits. By tapping on their partner’s pin, the benefits will be displayed, along with the partner’s contact info — it’s perfect for when landing at an unfamiliar airport and want to take advantage of your FATPNW Premium membership! Also, the app will display your FATPNW Premium status — in case you forget your card, no big deal, just show your phone and get your benefit!

– Aeronautical maps with the latest METARs and PIREPs.

NOTE: All pictures not related PNW (WA, OR, ID, BC & AK) will be deleted