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18928 59th Drive NE
Arlington, WA 98223

Skye Aero

Premium Benefits:

  • 5% OFF Appareo Stratus products, L3 Lynx, uAvionix skyBeacon & Electronic International Instruments
  • 3% OFF Garmin GDL 82
  • 5% OFF all labor

We are a small family business located at Arlington Municipal Airport in Washington. Our business philosophy is to satisfy every customer’s necessity for a fully functional aircraft. Whether you need something simple like an oil change or something complicated such as a panel upgrade or engine change, we have you covered.

We are able to sell and install the ADS-B out compliant Appareo and Lynx Transponders. These are top of the line equipment that can display ADS-B weather and traffic to your iPad or Android. They work with many popular pilot apps like ForeFlight, WingX Pro, and more. (Labor 8-10 hours)

Additionally, our company does inspections, maintenance, and restoration for your aircraft. Our main focus is to give you an exceptional service at a reasonable rate. Skye Aero is able to do inspections on a variety of aircraft.