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(360) 691-6067


WA25 Green Valley Airfield 
11009 159th Ave NE, Granite Falls, WA 98252


Premium Benefits:

  • 15% off maintenance and upgrades labor on Cessnas
  • 5% off labor on all other aircraft maintenance and upgrades

Aircraft Remanufacturing Company strives to give aircraft owners the option to remove questionable doubt of the workmanship, fatigue, and overall quality of legacy aircraft. To provide and continually improve parts and support for safer, efficient, and more enjoyable aircraft operations. To set the standard for which all aircraft are measured by.

All Bushliner aircraft are guaranteed to appraise for the final completion cost! This means that financing and insurance are available! Due to the extensive and specialization of the Bushliner overhaul process, appraisers and therefore lenders and insurance companies see them equivalent to new aircraft valued at the price paid.