• Two (2) Private Pilot Ground Schools (Approximate value $599 each).


  • Two (2) Instrument Ground Schools to include 2hrs of dual instruction in our Redbird or One G Sims (Approximate value $925 each).


  • Two (2) sUAS Ground Schools ($249 each).


  • 2hrs of Dual Instruction in either our G1000 CT182T or M20J towards a Complex and/or High Performance Endorsement. Includes an hour of Ground Instruction as well. * (Approximate value $794).


* must already hold a current Private Pilot Certificate or higher.

  • Instrument Ground School ($750).


  • sUAS Ground School ($500).


  • Cirrus SR-20 Perspective Intro Flight ($400).


  • 1-year Simulator (FlyThisSim) rental ($400).
  • 10 hours of dual instruction towards a Commercial Certificate in a Piper Arrow ($2200 value)


The requirements for the Infinite Air Center Scholarship are:
– Be a Private Pilot.
– Have passed Commercial written knowledge exam before scholarship is disbursed.
– Have Class 1, 2, or 3 medical before scholarship is disbursed.
– Be on a path towards flying commercially (91, 135, CFi, or airlines).
– Fly all 10 hours within two weeks of scholarship disbursement, weather permitting.

We are very excited to announce the first ever FATPNW Scholarships!! This opportunity is brought to you by three of our amazing, and truly EPiiiC, Premium Partners.  Below is all you need to know about who can apply, how to apply, and what you just might be awarded as the recipient of a 2019 FATPNW Scholarship.  Winners to be announced at the 2019 Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show!  Good luck to all of you 🙂
Who can apply?

FATPNW Members only.

How do I apply?

Starting January 1, entries can be submitted on this page.

What does the candidate need to do?

In a creative selfie video (under 5 minutes)…

  • Explain what “Social Aviation” means to you and why do you think it’s important to the aviation community
  • Describe how you have benefited from being a FATPNW Member
  • Finally, tell us why you think you are a good candidate to receive a FATPNW Scholarship?
Can I enter for more than one scholarship opportunity?
Yes, absolutely!  But for each entry you will need to submit a unique video.
Will my entry video be public?
Absolutely not!  Entry submission videos will only be viewed by the judging panel!
Who is the jury?

The FATPNW Admins (Denise Stecconi, Laura White, and Victor Cotham)

What is the deadline?

Video submissions will be accepted starting January 1, 2019, and are due no later than midnight PST February 17th, 2019.

When are the winners announced?
Winners will be announced at the 2019 Northwest Aviation Conference and Trade Show.

Scholarship Entry Form

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